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Adjusting to your new home

It is unsettling, and can be upsetting, to live away from home in strange surroundings and with new people.

We understand that. And we will do our best to help you adjust and settle in quickly.

Throughout your stay with us, our staff will care for you and try to ensure you feel safe and happy.

You will have many questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them. But here are some points that may be useful.

Our staff

All the staff living and working with you are qualified Social Care Workers and trained in programmes to help and support you.

Two members of the team are assigned to you as ‘Key Workers’. They will ensure your needs are met and you receive the best care.

They will also keep in touch with your family and Social Worker.

Other young people

There will usually be other boys and girls aged 12-18 living in the home too. Young people are in our care for different reasons and varying lengths of time.

Only the staff, your family and Social Worker will know why you are living with us.

Your rights

You will be accepted, and your rights as a young person and as an individual will be respected.

Your Key Workers will encourage you to have your say on all decisions that affect you and your future.

After you arrive, we will give you more information on your rights – and explain how you can make a complaint too, if necessary.

Your space

You will have your own bedroom. This is your private space and we encourage you to decorate it to your own taste, hang up posters and pictures, and make it feel more like home with your personal belongings.


There will be a programme of in-house and external activities. We want you to have fun in your spare time, and welcome your suggestions.

Outdoor activities range from various sports to mountain biking and rock climbing. We can even help you learn how to drive.


Our house rules ensure that everyone is safe and treated fairly and equally. These rules are simple and easy to follow. We will explain these responsibilities that we all share after you arrive.

On arrival

After we show you around the home and you meet everyone, we will answer any questions you may have and provide you with additional information.

This includes a booklet about the home that has been written with the help of other young people who have stayed with us, and another setting out the National Standards for Residential Care.