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Attachment Theory

Our approach to care at TerraGlen is informed by Attachment Theory.

We understand that a child’s early life experiences create their internal working model and that any attachment deficits impact on the child’s development.

With age, cognitive growth, and continued social experience, the child’s internal working model advances in development and complexity. This process continues through their childhood and adolescence.

A secure base

Each TerraGlen home provides a secure base for the children and young people in our care through their relationships with our staff who are sensitive and responsive attachment figures, and care for the children’s needs.

That secure base is crucial in helping children and young people to:

  • trust others
  • develop social emotions
  • think logically
  • develop their conscience
  • cope better with feelings of stress and anxiety
  • overcome their fears and worries

As this secure base allows children and young people to build secure attachments, they are better able to make sense of the world around them, self-regulate their behaviour and become self-reliant. In turn, this increases feelings of self-worth and supports the young person as they strive to reach their full potential.

Management team

TerraGlen Residential Care Services is managed by a Board of Directors, and led by our Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Clarke.

Barbara is responsible for the management of the organisation and, ultimately, for the quality of service delivery provided by the teams in each of our homes.

Three senior colleagues support her in this role.

  • Our Director of Services, Bernie Breen, has full oversight of all aspects of the day-to-day management of TerraGlen Residential Care Services.
  • Our Operations Manager, Sandra McDonnell, is responsible for operational services and line-manages the five Centre Managers. Sandra ensures that all residential centres operate to the highest standard and in compliance with legislation, regulation, national standards and our organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • Our Quality Assurance Officer is responsible for monitoring and auditing our operational services to ensure compliance and promote operational excellence.The role also involves managing our central records and liaising with the Operations and Centre Managers to ensure that all staff records are up to date and of a high standard.
Centre Teams

Each residential centre is led by a Centre Manager and a Deputy Centre Manager. They are responsible for the operation of the centre, their staff team, the premises and the care services we provide.

Each member of the staff team is a qualified and trained professional social care worker committed to providing quality services to the children and young people in their care.

All our staff are recruited according to our Safe Recruitment policy and procedure to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and aptitude to care for the young people placed in our homes.

Specialist support

TerraGlen also commissions the services of independent consultants to support the operation and development of the organisation.

Clinical services are provided by a qualified and experienced Neuropsychologist who also chairs our significant event review group and advises on our behaviour management strategies.

Placement planning

Our individual care planning and review system identifies a young person’s needs, what we have to do to address those needs, and tracks progress throughout the residential care placement.

The starting point is the placement plan we develop – in consultation with the child or young person’s designated Social Worker – based on their care plan.

The placement plan outlines each individual’s needs in five areas:

  • health and physical development
  • education and employment
  • social functioning and relationships
  • behaviour and emotional development
  • attachment and family
Monthly plan

A written plan is prepared for the work of our team will undertake with the child/young person over the coming month. This input is specifically designed to meet their individual needs, as identified in their care and placement plans. The work undertaken each month is targeted, focussed and measurable so we can to ensure each child/young person is being given the best opportunity to achieve and we are delivering the right support to make their residential placement a success.

Monthly Review

We hold a residential care monthly review meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of the work undertaken in the previous month and progress towards the desired outcomes for change and development set out in the monthly plan.

The meeting also provides an opportunity for the child/young person, their family and Tusla representative / Social Worker to contribute. This analysis and discussion help maintain the focus of our work on the individual’s needs and to identify alternative strategies if those outcomes are not being achieved.

At TerraGlen we recognise the value of every contribution that Social Workers, family members and the individual themselves can make to a successful placement for that young person. Best practice promotes the engagement of children/young people in all areas of their lives and their active participation in all decisions that affect them.

We submit a progress report to the young person’s Social Worker at the end each month.

How we check quality

TerraGlen has a range of systems and procedures in place to measure and monitor quality across the service.

The planning and review system (outlined above) measures the outcomes achieved for young people.

Alongside this, we use a quality assurance framework to record and monitor service quality at all levels of the organisation.

Our Quality Assurance Officer monitors and audits all operational services to ensure compliance and promote operational excellence.

This is in addition to the role played by our Operations Manager in overseeing the services provided in each of our homes.

Governance and compliance

Corporate compliance is managed by the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors. They have oversight of all services provided by the organisation and set policy and monitor performance in terms of compliance, quality and TerraGlen’s commitment to excellence in residential care.

Other policies

TerraGlen operates a risk management policy and procedures for the effective management of risk across all our homes and activities.

Copies of this and our operational policies and procedures are available on request.