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Our Management Team

TerraGlen Residential Care Services is managed by a Board of Directors and led by our Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Clarke.

Barbara is responsible for the management of the organisation and, ultimately, for the quality of service delivery provided by the teams in each of our houses.

Two senior colleagues support her in this role.

  • Our Director of Services, Bernie Breen, has full oversight of all aspects of the day-to-day management of TerraGlen Residential Care Services.
  • Our Directer of Operations, Vivian Molloy, is responsible for operational services and line-manages our Centre Managers. Vivian ensures that all residential centres operate to the highest standard and in compliance with legislation, regulation, national standards and our organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • Both Bernie and Vivian are responsible for monitoring and auditing our operational services to ensure compliance and promote operational excellence. They manage our central records and liaise with the Centre Managers to ensure that all staff records are up to date and of a high standard.
Centre Teams

Each residential centre is led by a Centre Manager and a Deputy Centre Manager. They are responsible for the operation of the centre, their staff team, the premises and the care services we provide.

Each member of the staff team is a qualified and trained social care professional committed to providing quality services to young people in their care.

All our staff are recruited according to our Safe Recruitment policy and procedure to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and aptitude to care for the young people placed in our houses.

Specialist support

TerraGlen commissions the services of independent consultants to support the operation and development of the organisation. The list of these supports are not exhaustive, and include psychotherapists, neuropsychologists and other professionals.

Clinical services are provided by a qualified and experienced psychologist when required. Our significant event review group is overseen by our Director of Services and our Director of Operations to advise on behavioural management strategies.